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Sunday Worship Service:
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Friday Faith & Healing Clinic
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Vision and Prophecy

This is a portal committed to spreading the prophetic Word for the perfecting of the saints of God in this late hour of the end-times. We live in the most exciting times of history -- times just preceding the return of our Lord. There is great expectation and anticipation in Heaven over the times in which we live, and a great stairway has been opened up with angelic ministering spirits traversing downward and upward in a glorious campaign of shepherding and coordinating the messaging, equipment and salvation of God's people; preparing and making them ready for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

1999 I had a vision of the Second Coming of Christ. In my vision, there appeared to be a general awareness and knowledge among the faithful that “Jesus is in town" -- as in, He has returned. Christians were suddenly energized with great hope, joy and boldness because they had “seen the sign” of Christ's return. I began to walk around and everywhere people who had been broken, cast down and despairing were suddenly empowered and rapturously transformed in their joyfulness and boldness for Christ. I saw great big sports stadia filled to overflowing by Christians who were rallying boldly and openly for Christ. They waved large banners merrily and made an uproarious noise unto the Lord. I marveled at the amazing spectacle of people -- young and old, big and small – ecstatic in their realization that their ultimate salvation had come with the return of the Lord. His presence had caused a radical transformation in the people that had "seen the sign” of his Coming.

I began to wonder what exactly these people had "seen" that had such a profound effect upon them -- their lives, their energy, their temperament, their faith, etc. It was in that instant that I looked up, and as I did my eyes were opened and I began to see heavenly portents, pageants and imagery moving past -- each depicting and describing some glorious aspect of our Lord's now-materializing Kingdom on the earth. As I became "caught up" by this cascading array of open heaven realities, I began to understand what Peter, James and John felt on the mount when they were "caught up" unto the glorious vision and began to see and hear Moses and Elijah speaking with the gloriously transfigured Christ. What a glorious experience! To be transported forward in time and experience the moment of our Lord's return and to feel what it will be like; to see what it will be like, and to hear what it will be like.

The love of God and obedience to his Word have constrained me to share the mysteries revealed for the preparation and edification of his Church. He is coming back, and the Church has got to be ready.

This website makes available free eBooks, sermons, and articles for download, all previously published and delivered by me to Churches within the United States and Nigeria over the past 25-plus years.

May the Lord bless you richly as you read and meditate prayerfully on these messages. Amen.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions or feedback.

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