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Apostle's Testimony

Kevin Etta Jr is an Apostle of our Lord Jesus Christ who's been delivering guidance and instruction to Churches and Christians in southeast Nigeria, the Greater Dallas area and across the globe for a period of over 30 years. His ministry to the Body of Christ has included the distribution of hundreds of Christian books within the United States and Nigeria – both those he has authored and many authored by others. His central vision and passion is to save souls and do his own part in preparing a people for the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He currently resides in northeast Dallas, Texas with his family.

One night in 1985 I had a dream. In my dream the Apostle Paul appeared to me and spoke about the ministry that I would be involved in. He advised me about challenges I would face and drew illustrations from the experiences of the saints of old and how they were able to – against all odds -- apprehend the promises of God and fulfill their Divine mission “through great patience of faith.” One thing that struck me as odd from that experience and has stayed with me ever since was the way the apostle spoke. I don’t know if it was an accent or a stammer or stutter in his speech – but it was there. That was just something that I noted.

Early one morning the same year an exceeding bright light appeared unexpectedly in my bedroom and stood at the foot of my bed. At the same instant this happened, the room suddenly became supercharged with what felt like intense energy or radiation such that I felt like my head was going to explode at any moment. In an attempt to shield myself from the combined effect of the brightness of the light and the radiation emanating from it, I reached for my pillow and buried my head and face underneath. At that moment, a voice spoke and said I would be empowered to do the work of God.

Four years later in 1989, I was taken out of the body by an angel from God and given what I can only describe as a comprehensive presentation of Divine truths. At several points during his visit, I couldn’t help but exclaim out loud: “My Gosh, so this is what that means!” or “so that’s what that meant!”-- I was thoroughly overwhelmed with the glory of the visitation and the knowledge I was being given and wrote down on a scroll-like piece of parchment everything the angel said I was to write.

As the angel neared the end of his visit, he told me to attend to those things I had written and make sure I remember to deliver them exactly as they had been given to me. The angel brought me back to my room and I began to move towards my body which lay on the bed, whilst at the same time scanning through the scroll to rehearse as much as I could of what I’d written down on it –until I jumped into my body and awoke.

For the next couple of weeks I was completely energized with an indomitable aromatic sense of purity, peace, and joy such as would be the experience of somebody who had been translated to Heaven and back. More remarkably, I had an uncanny and newfound wisdom and understanding of mysteries of God and in particular the Scriptures of the prophets. On several occasions since then, I have had dreams where I am taught spiritual principles or others are brought to light in a way and manner I did not, and perhaps could not, understand otherwise.

Later that same year I must have been dreaming after going to bed, but somehow or other I found myself in what I can describe as a big supermarket and library (it appeared like both). On one side there were shelves full of what resembled goods and products that are useful and needful in life. On a different side were shelves full of different kinds of books. As I moved closer to the shelves, I noticed in one section there were books with glossy covers; each one about a separate and distinct angel. As I allowed my gaze to drift across that section, it appeared as if there could have been one book for each and every angel in Heaven.

I moved towards a different section, and here I saw great, big, heavy books like medical textbooks, and these seemed to be about the creation of man and mysteries of that sort. I cannot tell how long I was in this place, but once again, after emerging from the encounter I began to undergo radical changes in my spiritual life and growth.

I suffered great challenges and made many mistakes in this period of growth, as I struggled to come to grips with the totality of my experiences, combined with the expectations and importunity of my youth.

The writing actually started because when I would preach or teach in Churches I would ‘hear’ myself saying things and delivering truths that I had not been aware that I knew, nor had prepared to say. Later when I attempt to notate some of these concepts I begin to have an experience I can only describe as the combination of a speaking voice and a living panorama playing out on a canvas or screen in my mind. I remain in this state for days until it “lifts” from me – and then I stop writing. I’ve ‘downloaded’ complete bodies of knowledge in this fashion, and at the end I would read through feverishly to actually take in and absorb what I had written – because the material contained things I did not know and probably could not know on my own. As I would read through, I would make changes to the text in terms of verbiage or phraseology I had used to keep up with the Spirit while I was in that ‘state’ and also research and verify the Biblical basis and context against which the information could be confirmed.

In 2004 I published Dreams and Visions, the first of four books. One day, Lucifer appeared to me and I was at first taken by the sheer magnificence and bearing of his princely appearance. Lucifer began to warn me against preaching, teaching and spreading the Word that had been delivered to me; he threatened to harm my family and make my life generally miserable if he could not destroy me. He has come to me a couple of times after that but not in the same way (mostly shrouded in a dream) and warned me of dire consequences if I don’t stop preaching and teaching the Word.

Since then, and in spite of these threats and numerous challenges, the Word has continued to sound forth unabated, and thanks to God’s mercies, kindnesses and faithfulness my family and I have continued to enjoy Divine protection and favor.

I pray that God will continue to be your God, and that He will continue to lead you down the straight and narrow; that He would give you an increase of wisdom, strength, and joy in his Word.

Finally, I pray that his grace will be sufficient for you in and through all of your challenges and as you continue to surrender to his will. May He grant you mercy and favor even until the very end. Amen.

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